Saturday, 28 February 2015

spring class offers

hello everyone!

i have an amazing offer on 6 of my classes, they are reduced down to $30 or $50 this offer is only available for a very limited time, i am in the process of moving all my classes to a brand spanking new site, which i hope will give you a simpler class layout.
these are the classes i am offering at a low price for only the next week...offer runs out on SUN 8th MARCH so hurry!
these are the classes i'm offering at a reduced price
loosen up
mixed media poppies
aqua marker face
gone to seed

OR buy all 6 classes for $160 thats a saving of $120 click here to take you to the special offer

please clicON EACH CLASS LINK to take you to the sign up page with the special offer!

also remember i have some ongoing classes at my ning site.

take care and keep creative

p.s. i have opened a Facebook page called 'your creative space' come and join in!
much love
mitsi x :)

This is the course for you if you are a bit nervous of starting to paint in watercolour or you have tried it without success.
this will be a five week course where i will teach you all my tips and techniques to banish all your fears you may have.
this will be a very detailed course with a ton of information provided via video and pdf's. you will be able to download everything and keep forever.
this course also works on iPad.

week 1
introduction to me/my work
  • explanation of water colour and how it works
  • supplies i use
  • how i use them
  • Paper tips

week 2
  • how to avoid mud
  • happy mistakes
  • a big splash around
  • looking at what watercolour does naturally

week 3
  • looking at value and tone
  • an exercise in tone
  • a riot of colour
  • textures
  • an exercise in colour and texture

week 4
  • how to use techniques
  • an exercise in using them
  • finding a subject to paint
  • where to begin
  • thinking about composition

week 5
  • round up of everything we have done
  • a final painting
  • how to know when to stop!
  • moving on

each week will consist of videos and pdf's to help you along your way
there will be a Facebook group for support and fun
so come and be brave and conquer your fears.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

feels like spring is in the air today...this time last year there was frog spawn in the pond, no signs yet!

Thursday, 29 January 2015

gosh! i have not been around here much, i have not really felt like communicating with anyone these last couple of months. I have been recovering from a very unpleasant break up, its only been the last week where i have been feeling ok about what happened and i feel that i am moving forward. when you have been through a traumatic time its quite scary how it effects you and you don't really realise. well, with help and some lovely friends and family (oh and a lovely Sir Cyril dog) that have supported me through it, i have come out the other side with a sense of calmness and a new happiness... onwards and upwards!
 i started my daily journal on the 10th November here is the post i didn't stop, i think i just stopped showing the pages as after 23 November images got a bit personal so i didn't show them... but i carried on, it helped me vent some issues and i feel i can show it now in this flick through video, enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

paintings for sale :)

 i have these 3 paintings for sale that i have had hanging in my studio, i feel now is the right time for them to go to new places :)

30 X 30 CM( 11 1/2 INCH SQUARE)
ready to hang

painting plus post to

60 x c0 cm (24 x 24 inches)
mixed media on stretched canvas
free p&p to uk
£25 P&P to other countries 

painting plus post to

60 x c0 cm (24 x 24 inches)
mixed media on stretched canvas
free p&p to uk
£25 P&P to other countries 


Thursday, 20 November 2014

i am just me you are not

it worries me that some people try far too hard to be someone they are not, i find it hard just to be myself, i don't think id cope with  trying not to be me, false impression are wrong and you are found out for your true self in the end. Why try to be someone you are not, i don't think it impresses people, you just look like you are trying far too hard, its cringeworthy!

i just sat and watched, art journal page. 19/11/14

 i just sat and watched, i watched you be someone i don't know, i felt sick. Why are you trying so very hard to impress them?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

end it

end it 
29 x 42 cm
12 x 17 inches
mixed media on paper

£45 inc P&p

sold thank you :)